Delicious Cuisine & Fabulous Art Scene of Dominican Republic (Part 1 of 4)

During the cold months, there are several wonderful places to visit that are great for a weekend jaunt, cost-effective and gorgeous weather. This 4-Part Article Series will chronicle the culture within the Dominican Republic and all of its beautiful Caribbean culture of the delicious cuisine, fabulous art scene, hotels/bed & breakfast stays, and the Haitian Diaspora.

As a native New Yorker, I would agree, many fall/winter newlyweds often look for a place to honeymoon that is tropical and seems less commonly visited…   Although, the fantasy and allure of being a trendsetter with finding a perfect getaway hotspot can be somewhat challenging and expensive, it can work out well traveling to the nearby Dominican Republic.

Visiting the gorgeous Caribbean can offer an array of optional stays at great boutique hotels, AirBnB, and all-inclusive resorts; so be prepared to plan your trip according to what experience you wish to have.  Be sure to check all travel websites for customer reviews and call properties for clarification of travel from airport to the property.

NOTE: Most places take American currency, however, it’s best to make exchanges with the Dominican peso. Not to worry, there are plenty of ATMs around that will make the conversion!


Top 5 ‘Must-Haves’ for trip:

1. Passport

2. Dominican Pesos (Inquire with your US bank)

3. WhatsAPP download (Phone App for free international texting)

4. Spanish Phrase Booklet

5. Language Translator App (Phone App)


First stop was the Colonial District of the Capital City, Santo Domingo.

Having never traveled to the Dominican Republic, I was armed with several levels of excitement; hopeful that I would get to experience most of the great things within the land’s Latin-Caribbean culture!  Filled with beautiful people, shops of local art, chocolate, pastries and other great restaurants and cafes, I was eager to get to my hotel…



Hotel Saint Nicholas, Calle Merino N. 266, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo

KEY FACTS:  12 Rooms, Perfect For Wedding Party or Bachelor/Bachelorette Party, Free Breakfast, Must be 18 Yrs, Free Wifi in all public area, Check-In 2pm/Check-Out 12pm

The Hotel Saint Nicholas accomplishes the execution of boutique lodging to PERFECTION!  The quaint juxtaposition of Art Deco and Nouveau riche flavour makes for a comfortable and safe and affordable honeymoon getaway.  A boutique hotel full of delightful splendor with its own restaurant that serves a magnificent breakfast included with your stay is definitely a diamond amongst so many other jewels.

Just minutes from Calle El Conde (El Conde), named in honour of Count Peñalba who defeated the English in the 17th century. This infamous promenade begins at Parque Colón, continuing to El Conde gate acting as the pedestrian epicenter of shops, financial institutions, restaurants/cafes, and make-shift art exhibits for tourists; also a lovely way to pick up all of your needs and gift items whilst stopping for a bowl of the ‘OH SO GOOD’ Sancocho.

SANCOCHO: Dominican Meat Stew, inclusive of Chicken, Pork, Beef, Potatoes, Yucca, Carrots and Onions… For recipe, go to







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