Bridal Beauty Tips Inspired by the Indian Customs



Indian Bridal Makeup

The anatomy of the bride’s look is one of the most important aspect to the Indian wedding rituals.  As she is lavished with jewels, silks, and the ritual goes on for days.  So we want to examine some of what goes into these lavish routines  and gain some inspiration.

The Face

This is, of course, the foundation that the rest of the look is based on.  Some Indian brides suffer from skin discolouration and hyper pigmentation and so flawless foundation application is essential.  Also very important to this look is highlighting and contouring to enhance the best features of her face.

The Eyes

The Indian bride almost always has very bold smokey eyes.  The eyebrows and eyelashes are always well-groomed and defined.  As one makeup artist described it, “her eyes do the talking.”  The eyeliner is usually very bold and in true eastern style is usually extended beyond the outer corners of the eye.  Of course, eyeshadow is very important and is usually an opportunity to add sparkle and more glamour to the look.

The Lips

The Indian bride usually has a very bold lip.  Typically it is a bold red lip, but the modern Indian bride plays with many different options.

Overall look

The Indian bride look is bold. There can be no doubt as to who the bride is. Many brides like to match their makeup to their jewellery and dress. Therefore, a bride’s colour scheme/palette is very crucial. The modern Asian bride complements her dress and jewellery rather than matches it. In recent years, brides have become more adventurous with their colour pairings and style of makeup, opting for either more subtle lips or played down eyes. Asian bridal makeup breaks all the rules of western makeup artistry by combining vivid lips and striking eyes in one look, and getting away with it.

Be beautiful in your own skin on your wedding day… but be inspired by the world’s beauty around you.




About the Author: Teni Giokabari is a British-born Nigerian based in London.  A well-versed beauty expert, she has journeyed from trainee nail technician at the ever popular Nails inc, to creating her own Beauty Brand, Omoge.  Teni is dedicated to the celebration of beauty in its many forms around the world.


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