“Beauty and the Belly”- Why this Middle Eastern Dance is sure to make your wedding unique

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When one goes about planning a wedding, details that go into the nuptials that already come to mind are the dress, the cake, the décor, etc. However, one important factor that doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it should is the entertainment. A form of amusement that adds leisure time to your attending guests is definitely an important facet to consider when making arrangements for that very special day.

Forms of entertainment that are definitely a popular choice in the bridal market are live bands, DJ’s, and string quartets. But we here at World Bride Magazine encourage our readers to think a bit outside of the box, as well as outside of the region they are residing in, to look for entertainment inspiration that is sure to make their ceremony unique. In honor of Middle Eastern Week, we looked into popular wedding trends that take place in various Arab countries that all hold different religions and customs. A popular option in these regions is bellydancing. Whether you’re looking to hire a professional or take classes in order to perform the art yourself, we will show you why you should really consider this option, as well as places that specialize in this area, if you are considering this as a definite selection for your wedding.

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Let’s first start out by addressing what exactly belly dancing is. By definition, this form of dance refers to an makeshift dance that features sharp hip movements and torso articulation. This sexy and lively performance will unquestionably add a sensual and vigorous feel that will leave your guests both entranced and entertained.

If you reside in the New York area and are looking for a professional belly dancer or classes and workshops that provide instruction, then we suggest looking into places such as Mariyah Sublime Bellydance Artistry. They provide a professional belly dance artist, performer, and instructor that not only presents to you event entertainment but also lessons to teach you their ways as well. Their website also offer a various amount of musicians, costume and prop stores and dancers that can also be of service to you when planning your wedding. If you are in the metropolitan area of New York, then you might want to look into Sigal’s Ethnic Dance Performance where award-winning belly dancer Sigal will personally perform for you at your wedding and with a bachelor of performing arts and years of proper training in western, classical, and modern dance in tow she also offers special workshops and mastery classes as well. If you are a bit further out in the New Jersey area, then definitely look into Yuliya the Professional Bellydance Artist. The Tajikistan native who has trained and studied under belly dance professionals brings excitement to your event with her use of exotic props (i.e swords, canes and fan veils).

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The art of belly dancing showcases the beautiful elements of the Middle East and will transgress your wedding in a distinctive and extravagant way that will be sure to elevate your ceremony. Make sure to check out the previously mentioned companies for detailing featuring this exciting entertainment option!

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