Savoir Beds and Fashion Designer Zandra Rhodes Join Forces

In fashion and textile designer Zandra Rhodes’s technicolor world, a peaceful night’s sleep should happen in living color. The latest addition to her laundry list of accomplishments is in the world of beds. This colorful British designer partnered with the bespoke bed company, Savoir, which makes fewer than 1000 beds per year, and infused her unique style into upholstered beds.

A Look at Chanel and Christian Dior’s Haute Couture

There is nothing better than turning to the Haute Couture fashion shows for wedding inspiration. The dresses are stunning and the presentations are chocked full of ideas that will make brides and grooms swoon with anticipation of their own special day. The literal translation of Haute Couture is High Sewing— it’s a tradition of made-to-order clothing that is offered to clients twice a year and officially can only be held in the city of lights, Paris. This pinnacle of high fashion performance displays the brand’s artisanal prowess with each garment hand-sewed by expert ateliers and multiple fittings for an exclusive end result.


Pack A Fantasy Wardrobe for Your Honeymoon

Looking on-point is part of the fun of your honeymoon, so pack your suitcase like a pandora’s box of magical luxe items that you can’t wait to slip on, pulling out all the stops for this trip of a lifetime. After all, clothing is not just about practicality but also about fantasy and living your best life. WBM encourages you to spend wisely but invest in pieces that you adore and you can wear again and again.

NYFW’s Inspiration For Engagement Parties, Rehearsal Dinners, and Honeymoon Dressing

New York Fashion Week is upon us and it’s rolling full speed ahead with virtual, socially distant presentations, conceptual videos, creative photography, and fireside chats. The CFDA pulled together a cohesive fashion week with designers and brands creatively messaging their audience and offering clothing for the spring of 2021 when hopefully COVID will release its grip.