Chanel’s Métier d’Arts Runway Show 2022

Since 2003 Chanel’s Métier D’Arts fashion shows celebrated the extraordinary artisan houses that painstakingly work on the components that go into a Chanel piece. Each of the 7 specialties drill down on a particular aspect of the final garment or accessory —embroidery, millinery, boot-making, to name a few


New York Bridal Week for Fall 2022 Weddings

There is a wedding boom upon us. Couples who have delayed the occasion are now in a flurry of planning activities, gathering family and friends to tie the knot. Post covid parties range from small to lavish affairs— the race to the altar is rooted in pent-up desire to move on with life. After a rough pandemic patch, the bridal industry is finally seeing a glimpse of the rainbow and now are ramping up for fall 2022 weddings.

The Elegant Simplicity of Theia Bridal

The bridal label Theia is known for their laser cut petals that infused their dresses and gowns with a 3D botanical effect. For this new grouping they reimagined the petals by loosening and aerating the placement. Less is more is the thinking and follows throughout the line of simple yet captivating bridal gowns.

NYFW Offers Everything You Need for Wedding and Honeymoon Dressing

The successful return of New York Fashion Week revved up the fashion machine after many months of standing idle due to the pandemic. Right now the fashion troops have moved to London for more catwalk creativity followed by Milan and Paris which are always a source of inspiration especially for brides to be. The looks on the spring runway, will be available in February but there are many designers offering made-to-measure personalized service and will hold your hand through every step of the process. Dennis Basso is one offering that service to his clients.