Clothes That Fit Like Second Skin Dana Daname- Shows At Paris Fashion Week


The reality is we probably don’t need another stitch of clothing in our closets.  For some of us, we may not even have the room to put another dress, skirt, pants or even fold a sweater anywhere in our closets.  But truth be told we don’t always buy because of necessity it is more about the occasion and the simple desire to feel pretty in a garment we just saw and it would simply bring us joy.  I know that this my reality.



For you the bride planning her wedding day there is a need to feel pretty every day after your engagement.  Looking down on your finger at the shiny new ring makes you want to get up and dress up and skip through your day.  And what is in your closet simply seems unbefitting of the occasion.  Now every day is an occasion, and the sidewalks have become your runway.  This has become your new reality–clothing has become the accessory to your engagement ring.  A manicure a necessity.

So with that in mind, we went to Paris, Paris Fashion Week to find all new frock for you that will not only accessorize your ring but make you feel fabulous.



Danamé by Dana Messika is silky, satin perfection for all those occasions you will find yourself looking to dress your best and feel beautiful.  The collection was absolutely beautiful on the bodies of the models.  The colors were perfect for all skin tones.  The modest draping of the designs was elegant, yet sexy in its very subtle way.

Dana’s love and passion for great craftsmanship of the art of embroidery can be seen in each piece. The inspiration for the collection was based on the Japanese ancient artistry of Kintzukuroi, a pottery restoration technique trough molding gold into the cracks.   Dana has woven this ancient tradition into this art and embroidered emulates the gold forms by creating pure embroidery lines that act as a quiet force of restrained glamour.



Each piece as luxe as they may be would be perfect to take from day to evening without blinking an eye.  But be aware, it will attract attention as each piece makes its own statement.

The modern woman will have many occasions to wear a Daname piece.




For all your upcoming occasions, from work to play, you the modern woman know exactly how you want to look, and what makes you feel good.  So why settle when it comes to your wardrobe.

 Dana Stinee Messika is the force behind the brand.  The Visionaire that silently empowers each woman that wears her piece while celebrating the women who blessed her with the gift of being able to artfully blend the two worlds of today’s woman and that of our ancestors who loved us.



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