The Birth of Maktub by Karim Adduchi

If you listen to an interview any interview, undoubtedly you will always hear the same old question– What is your inspiration?  Hearing myself say those words, again and again, can be boring, but it is a necessary question.  Why you may ask? Every article you see created, every stitch of clothing if you meet the designer there is a story behind it.  They had someone in mind when they were creating the garment.

For Karim Adduchi, his story is that of his birth, his mother, his father, his family legacy, and his future.  All blended into one.  Born in Morocco, Berber, to a modest family of seamstress and tailor.  His story is heartwarming and intimate.  Meeting Karim and interacting with his was very special.  He took special pride in meeting everyone in the room and took the time to speak to each person.  I watched as he engaged with a lovely woman who had the honor of trying on several items, the care he took to fit her, and explain the garment to her was absolutely moving.   He answered her questions on fabrication, craftsmanship and advised on what was flattering about the garment and made suggestions.



It is that sort of experience that every consumer wants to have when investing in a garment with a price tag that is attached to such a garment of that level.

Karim has a couture background so every garment is not mass produced, and he is intimately involved with the work that has his name attached.

Each piece is designed to be a timeless work of art that you the intended user will have for a lifetime.





“Karin Adduchi’s work involves developing an aesthetic that goes beyond the frontiers of fashion and of the genre/gender to address in a synaesthetic way what we need – Love. Not the desire to own something by taking it from someone- but the desire for love. Candid, radiant, love that stands out. When you need not to rush to describe your work, it always comes down to this: addressing the softness that fears neither surprise nor complexity or weakness.

Karim Adduchi’s Mektoub – what is written, what will happen- is his way of saying that our destinies are braided, it’s already happened. And it’s a miracle of beauty.” VIRGINIE DESPENTES

Karim Adduchi

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