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Almost six years ago the journey into healing began for Marina Simovic of FlexHealing in New York City. Marina was truly inspired onto this path on enlightenment because she genuinely cares about people and making genuine, true and honest connections. In this day and age, she has found that there is a lack of human touch and connection missing in the world. FlexHealing was established to provide full healing service through stretch therapy or emotional healing through Reiki. Aromatherapy is another tool Marina utilizes to create an extrasensory and aromatic experience that allows the client to release their inhibitions or preconceived notions and relax for a more unique authentic experience.

All services can be combined or performed separately and apart depending on the needs of the client. I personally had a stretch session with Marina as a bonding experience with friends for a birthday and I felt AMAZING! I can’t recommend her enough you truly don’t realize through the hustle and bustle of the day and our need to GO GO GO that we have to listen to our bodies and take a moment to relax. Your body is your vessel to do your passion whatever that may be and you need to stop and take care of it once in a while! I’m trying to take my own advice. For example, if a person has sciatica pain Marina’s course of treatment would start with light stretching to increase their range of motion for the nerve to loosen up. Sciatica can also be an issue of imbalance in Root Chakra so she would work on healing that specifically with Reiki.

Many physical misalignments can arise from emotional or mental imbalances. It’s truly important to address both issues with unique approaches catered to each individual. An aromatherapy suggestion and consultation at the end of the session is used as an extra tool in her healing chest to help enhance her client’s health further. Stretch therapy is very similar to physical therapy helping with limited range of motion, tightness, and soreness in the muscles. It also increases blood flow and circulation for an overall rejuvenating experience. Clients who might benefit from this service may suffer from sciatica, lower back pain, neck stiffness, tight hamstrings, varicose veins, limited blood flow, soreness and so on. Reiki is an old Japanese method in which it’s hands-on healing that promotes emotional, mental and spiritual peace of mind. Again I was a skeptic not sure what to expect but I was open to the process and was able to relax my mind and let the experience envelop my senses. I was able to relax so much that I even fell into a light slumber. For me personally it was about susceptible to the experience.



Photo by Erica Lyn Photography


Services provided aid in muscle relaxation, mental clarity, and emotional release. Combining all three modalities including aromatherapy caters to each individual client for a well-rounded full-service experience. Marina approaches each client from an individual perspective, whether they need more muscle work with stretching or deep healing with Reiki. Reiki helps to gain more clarity, become more focused and alert, help with anxiety, improves sleep patterns and your overall immune system. Who doesn’t want to be more focused?!

Wedding planning can be one of the most stressful times in any couple’s life. Marriage is bringing together two souls celebrating their love and life full of new adventures together. Why not take care of that soul so that you can enjoy this wondrous occasion and celebrate life. All the anxieties that come with planning, nervousness “self-care” is the best remedy. You want to be whole from the inside out bringing your best self to your partner. Reiki creates a sense of peace by balancing your emotional, mental and physical state of mind during those high-stress times. Energy work is great to relax the muscles of your face and body which emanates a glow and essence of light on your big day.

Marina is not keeping all this fantastic healing to herself. She is now teaching and sharing her gift. For her teaching the art Reiki as a tool is a very different experience. As a Master Reiki instructor, she teaches levels 1,2 and Master Certification. You will become enlightened knowing the importance of your own projection, how you perceive the world and people around. Focus is given towards your own healing and detox process emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Each certification is more advanced and hands-on training, writing a journal, meditation, chakra system and self-healing. After each session students are certified in the various levels with literature to help support them. Once you’ve attained Reiki Level 3 you can then teach your own classes.

What’s next for Flexhealing…more healing, educating and helping more people live authentically with more love in their hearts and passion in their daily life.


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