BRIDELUX Atelier 2020 Reviews – Artisanal Delicacies for the Wedding Experience

LOUIS XIII featured at Bridelux Atelier NY

Celebrate one of the most exceptional events of your life with none other than LOUIS XIII Cognac. When embarking on lifelong commitments, take note from the generations of cellar masters who devote a lifetime to achieve the most exquisite symbol of their dedication; the legendary decanter made from fine crystals, each mouth-blown by the most skilled master craftsmen for generations.

LOUIS XIII Magnum featured at Bridelux Atelier NY
LOUIS XIII featured at Bridelux Atelier NY, LLG Agency photography

At the Bridelux Atelier, my husband, Troy and I were ushered to the Harold S. Vanderbuilt Penthouse Suite of the Intercontinental New York Barclay Hotel. A majestic residence space worthy of what were about to experience. Guests were gathered in this grande sitting room where the Master Cellar presents ‘Wedding Celebrations with LOUIS XIII’.

Harold S. Vanderbuilt Penthouse – Intercontinental NY Barclay hosts Bridelux Atelier NY,
Harold S. Vanderbuilt Penthouse – Intercontinental NY Barclay hosts Bridelux Atelier NY,

The Champagne Cognac captured in its Magnum decanter, a perfect symbol of taste and sophistication, sits on its tray assertive and flamboyant yet graceful as it presents a luxurious display along with the signature Christophe Pillet crystal glasses. Imagine this is how you want to honor your guests, showing your appreciation as they share time, love and happiness with you and yours.

LOUIS XIII featured at Bridelux Atelier NY, LLG Agency photography
LOUIS XIII featured at Bridelux Atelier NY, Philip Van Nostrand photography

Our Master Cellar introduces the accompaniment of our evening; chocolate. I did not expect any ordinary delicacy. Our entire introduction, setting and service thus far was exceptional. I expected the chocolate to match in taste. Håkan Mårtensson presented his chocolate bonbons with specific instruction on how to enjoy. Earlier that day, I met this award-winning Culinary Olympic sculptor and chocolatier who has partnered with Bridelux and LOUIS XIII to launch his Chocolate Atelier in New York. a congratulatory launch indeed for a humble man with a passion for luxury delicacies. A man after my own heart…after my husbands’ of course.

A warm toast followed as each guest was presented a glass of cognac and bonbon. The touching of each glass as guests ‘cheered’ gave off a charming high chord that tuned in the air until it faded. A wave of sensations carried me away as I sipped followed by an orgasmic firework of flavors from Håkan’s bonbon. These are memorable moments you will want to share on your wedding day. LOUIS XIII offers engraved decanters for a delightful reception or personalized as a special gift. Håkan Mårtensson offers customized bonbons as well as magnificent sculptures unique to your personality or taste.

This perfect brand pairing represents the legacy you are trying to build with your soon-to-be. From the engagement to the rehearsal dinner, the wedding day to the honeymoon, elevate the celebration level with any one of the matchless Grande Champagne Cognac LOUIS XIII within the Iconic Collection along with the masterful Håkan; the Michelangelo of chocolate. This gesture on your your wedding day, will be treasured by your friends and loved ones for decades thereafter.

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