Spark Or No Spark

A boy and girl at the local rec center. The high school friends, no sweethearts involved. The colleague who has no clue. A subtle turn to greet a man who happens to catch your eye at a work event. Small moments that never really amount too much — end up being the best of our love stories.  

Indications of love do not always manifest itself in fireworks and butterflies. Many times it is in the subtleties. When we least expect it, that charismatic guy or charming woman shows up. A one sided spark ignites a curious nature questioning if this could be more. 

One step toward curiosity leads to a conversation, maybe a DM, then a date. The other party not quite sure of the advances steps back and two dance in circles around the obvious feelings blooming. Yet nothing happens the two go off live there lives and then in the middle of the night it dawns on you. I think I’m love. When time passes for these two the possibility that love will spark is low yet fathomable. 

What is meant to be will be. However, the question is when the opportunity presents itself again will you take the leap? Sharing your feelings with the other — opening the door for something magically to bloom. Or will you let your spark die?

Awkward moments then turn into sure moments. Sparks are lit from friendships that turn into a love language all their own. Every guru screams to take the leap, just jump. Do the thing that keeps you up at night and don’t look back. Perhaps we take that same approach within our love lives. When we decide we are ready to step out of our comfort zone — we are also making a decision to be vulnerable. She is sexy my friends, let vulnerability have a seat on your shoulder walk straight up to that handsome guy or sexy woman shoot your shot. Or slide into those DM’s now a days but whatever you do don’t let the spark die. If you have a Spark or No Spark story share them, we love when our community shares helping us grow and build for a stronger healthier future.

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