As a bridal magazine, many may not look to our platforms for historical education of sorts. But our desire to enlighten, and expose all of you, our readers to some of our wonderful finds, we can’t help but share it. We believe with every bit of our being that travel is the gateway to diversity and inclusion. It makes it very difficult to be exposed to such amazing things around the world and still be intolerant of others and not excited about learning.

Hartford Connecticut is one of the places that excite us and we couldn’t wait to share. If you are a history buff like many on our WBM Team, visiting Hartford will not only visually attract you–but its rich history may just keep you coming back. Connecticut has an extraordinary history–before the Europeans settled in the beautiful state, Native Americans were residents of what is now a diverse state. The name Connecticut means, long titled river. It is made of 169 towns.

It has been home to writers and artists such as Mark Twain, and Harriette Beatrice Stowe. Connecticut has always been a haven for forward thinkers–Prudence Crandall who opened the first all-girls school for African Americans in 1833. Talk about girl power.

We had the honor of visiting one of these lovely towns–Hartford and stayed at the luxurious boutique hotel Delamar West Hartford. This lovely hotel was definitely welcoming. The staff greeted us warmly as we pulled into the driveway and escorted us to the front desk as we checked in. The lobby is beautifully furnished and the staircase is absolutely stunning, making it a wonderful backdrop for a bride’s wedding photos.

After receiving our instructions, and refreshments, we made a dash to the elevators only to share it with the daughter of a guest whose mother was the bride that was getting married on the beautifully manicured lawn on the grounds. Talk about having everything lined up for us. The conversation leads to us receiving an invitation to the wedding. Of course, we accepted. We witnessed the intimate soiree take place and observed the joy in the group being able to get married after a challenging few months were planning a wedding and inviting your guests beyond 25 people was practically non-existence.

It was that very moment that we realized the importance of what we do as writers, editors, vendors, and wedding professionals. I realized how connected we all are to each other and the social value of a wedding ceremony in our society. In a small way, we get to narrate the love story of each person we feature and highlight the most wonderful businesses in the industry that want to make your dream come true on your wedding day and inspire others.

This beautiful property has beautiful modern rooms that make the stay very comfortable. As we settled into our room, we quickly gathered ourselves to get a tour of the property. If the lobby was the one thing that would tell us the esthetic of the rooms which would help you determine whether or not you would stay at this property– job well done. The rooms were definitely a true reflection of the whole decor of the hotel. From the artwork on the walls throughout the hotel to the meeting rooms, the hallways, the grounds, and the restaurant on-premises it is a win-win.

The ballroom may not be huge but it was a comfortable size for a moderate size wedding that can accommodate your guests whether it was a seated event of 100 or little more. The outdoor grounds definitely lent themselves to having a more grand occasion and it has capabilities that would allow you to rent tents and create a more dramatic experience for your wedding with the right vendors.

Their restaurant on the premises, Artisan Restaurant, Tavern & Garden, will awaken every taste bud in your mouth with everything from the menu. I promise you will not be disappointed. Besides having a variety of options to choose from–the staff is friendly, attentive, and very engaging. The garden is cared for by the staff and the items grown on them may easily become part of your savoring dish. Talk about farm to table.

The Family Business

Back to the bride–as we observed the bride taking her photos, I noticed that someone who I assumed was her florist freshening her bouquet–but it was actually the generous florist from the boutique on the premises. The lovely florist from Lane & Lenge simply wanted the bride to have her bouquet look wonderful. That simple act set the tone for the type of community this was and the camaraderie these small businesses provide for the people. The shop’s beautiful history was such an important component for me to write this story– founded by Frank Lenge who started the business on Front Street in Hartford in 1912. They later moved to the corner of Temple and Market streets but when Constitution Plaza was built. They merged with Lane florist on the corner of Pratt and Trumbull streets and moved there in the early 60s. The image was provided by the current owner Robert Dinucci of his parents Lucy and Guido Dinucci, pictured below are at their Pratt street store handsomely dressed. But now they call Delamar West Harford home.

Therefore, if you are looking for your decor for the wedding, they sure make things are easy if you are looking to plan your nuptials on the beautiful grounds of the Delamar West Hartford Hotel or anywhere they can deliver from local Connecticut weddings to New York, and surrounding areas.

Gentlemen Suit Up

Gentlemen, there is a tailor on the premises–Dressed To The Nines–Connecticut Custom Clothing Co. owned by Bob De Genemmis, a sharp-dressing gentleman who has followed the footsteps of his grandfather Alfredo a customer tailor from Italy.

If you are looking for a bespoke service that will leave you looking impeccable for your wedding day, just like your bride–I say you pop in to book your appointment and see the exquisite array of fabrics for both suits and shirts.

Delamar Spa–Selfcare Is Key

Once you, your bridal party, and guests have booked your stay in this 114 room boutique luxury hotel–book your appointment for the Delamar Spa. The products are top of the line in the industry and the customer care is in line with the A- plus service you will receive from the staff on the property. From manicures and pedicures, facials, massages for the couple or to the wedding party–the experience will be simply wonderful.

So for me, Delamar West Hotel should be on your list of places to stay while visiting Connecticut. Delamar Hotels are using state-of-the-art cleaning procedures and following all CDC guidelines to keep guests safe. More information can be found here.

So whether you are looking for a destination location, one that is educational and beautiful take a look at Connecticut.

Bonus reason to stay on the property– they give you complimentary admission to the New Britain Museum of American Art

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