The Kenran Resort Ubud: Celebrate your Love, Life, and Earth

I remember watching the landscape transition, with the sun, from congested store fronts to trees and rice fields. I didn’t realize then but the sight from my window was clearly an indication of the beautiful day ahead. At 4am on our first Friday in Bali we found ourselves headed North into the mountains of Bali, to Ubud. 

As I mentioned our call time was 4am, we’d been invited on a wellness walk which included a sunrise hike and waterfall swim. What we didn’t know was that the meeting place and resort offering this wellness walk would be as fabulous as the Kenran Resort. To start, we met in the beautiful yoga pavilion for yoga and breath work. The beauty of this yoga pavilion is worth mentioning, as it can serve as a venue for a wedding ceremony. The pavilion opens to nature and sky serving for a perfect view of the sunset or sunrise; it’s truly stunning. 

On our walk, we connected with the Balinese culture. We learned about the intersection of colorism and classism, limiting the possibilities in many of the local people’s lives, which we related to our own experience as black Americans. While learning of the mechanisms of this beautiful culture we explored the surrounding nature. We were able to see the art of woodworking that is highly prevalent in all corners of Indonesia, connect with the local children and see the presence of locally grown coffee within their economy. The Balinese people are kind, full of joy and so welcoming – a disposition I’m sure we could all learn from. We eventually ended our walk with a hike to a tea house and waterfall. But throughout the entire experience, we saw what the Kenran Resort holds dear;  sustainability, ethical tourism and wellness. 

Ethical Travel

 The resort’s personal connection to the surrounding community didn’t go unnoticed. The offerings in Balinese dance and cooking classes allows guests to personally connect with the local culture, something I’m always hoping to do while traveling. In the reflection of ethical travel there is this worry that our exploration of new places infringes on the lives of the surrounding local people. The Kenran Resort, this concern is met with ease and comfort.


Moving onto sustainability, the foundation of this resort is quite literally pieces of the earth in which they let breathe before continuing the build. They’re preservation of the earth and upkeep of the surrounding area is exceptional. During Covid, the surrounding area had a presence of pollution and the resort assisted in consistent cleanups and planting crops. Connection to nature and the outdoors is definitely priority at this location. This is highlighted in the views accessed from every corner of the resort.


I started this story with a wellness walk and I’d like to mention how the resort offers various wellness packages to elevate your overall well being. But if you’re looking for luxurious relaxation, you’ll find it in the spa. The spa is a place I never wanted to leave and would go to a thousand times again. I personally found myself in the sauna and water therapy bath but the treatments offered target any and every physical concern you could have. After the spa, you can find yourself in either of the resort’s restaurants, Natti’s Indian Specialty Restaurant or T’dung Restaurant Pool & Bar, which both offer delicious healthy cuisine. It’s without a doubt that you’ll leave this place feeling more at ease.

There is no question about how I feel about this place, clearly. Whether it’s a wellness retreat, honeymoon or wedding, the Kenran Resort serves as a multifunctional experience. I was happy to hear about their successful wedding during my time in Bali. The choices of 2 story villas to stunning suites with personal outdoor space or pools, allowed each guest from the 120 wedding party to have a place to stay on location. It was a privilege to experience the magic of this place and I can’t wait to return. Continue to follow World Bride Magazine as we share more travel and venues that make your dreams a reality. 

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