Everyone says they want to create a unique experience until it is time to create an unforgettable experience. Some of the challenges that make this a bit difficult are locating the right venue that will allow you to create the experience you want or finding the right vendors to execute your vision the way you have expressed it.

Sometimes you just stumble upon a location that is simply perfect just as it is, and they have everything you need to create that one- of-a-kind experience that will be memorable for your guests. That is why you have WBM as the platform that can introduce you to new and hidden gems from all parts of the world with our team of experts.

This past summer, we had the privilege to discover a unique space in our backyard, in the heart of NYC, Gallow Green-The McKittrick Hotel. It is a rich history that is worth learning. What makes this worth writing about is the mix of new and old for a generation of explorers, foodies, and environmentally conscious fun-loving people that love the arts.

Once you get past the security and enter the elevator, the ambiance will transform you from a concrete jungle to an experience between The Secret Garden and Alice in Wonderland for adults. You will enjoy the decor if you like the combination of eclectic glamour and nature. The food is unbelievably tasty. So bring an empty stomach because you will leave filled with a joyful spirit—partly because of the incredible selection of craft drinks they offer.

Gallow Green makes for a great place for several of your wedding-planning soirées-from super cute spots to pop the question, to meeting the family – the drinks will help ease any uncomfortable moments – and the greatest of all, you can rent out the entire space for your wedding and reception. Boom a win-win all the way around.

If you are planning a winter affair, the space is transformed into The Hideout, a cozy mountainside hideaway with comforting seasonal cuisine and hot spiced cocktails, for the colder months.

So If unique experiences are what you have been in search of – look no further – we got one for you. There are plenty of options in this multi-leveled space; Gallow Green and The Hideout.

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