Ladies, He Wants You To Put a Ring On It—Not Just Any Ring



Ladies, your beau also wants to feel valued and wants a token of your affection as equally valuable as the ring he put on your finger.  While The Queen Bey (Beyonce) may have reminded you that if he values you he should have put a ring on it, she also gave us rules of engagement for keeping him happy too.

So ladies, when you are shopping for that one piece of jewelry that will be his mark of lovingly being attached to another, you may want to make it a statement piece.

Thus, we went shopping for him and we found some pieces that will not only serve as a demarkation for your beloved, but it will definitely make him want to wear it. Because nothing says I love you than a well crafted, thought-out gift.




Triton prides itself on innovation, style, texture, and durability… you can tell by the designs they did some research as to the kind of man that would be inclined to wear this piece of art. Texture, is definitely a key element in these creations. The metal used in the rings are Tungsten Carbide TC.850—a grey toned metal, scratch resistance, for you gentlemen that are hands on with your careers. You will never have to take your ring off for fear of damaging it.

Triton has taken advance steps in designing these rings to attract the most fashionable men, whose accessories are their ultimate fashion statement pieces.



From classic styles to tones of color your choices are perfect.  Especially for the man that may not be huge fans of jewelry, that right piece of Triton may be that right piece that will still keep things simple.

So go ahead ladies put a ring on him, Triton already designed it.


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