Waist Training for the Dress!

The New Year is finally here and you have so much to do to prepare for your big day! Amongst the many things on your to-do list, one of your major priorities is to fit perfectly into your wedding dress. The dynamic duo, diet and exercise, will definitely help you meet your goal, but who doesn’t want a little extra help to slim the waistline?

Once a fashion staple for the ideal female form, the corset has made an astounding comeback, thanks in part to celebrities like Jessica Alba, Beyoncé, Dita Von Teese, Jennifer Garner, and Kim Kardashian. Women are once again lacing up with the aim of reshaping their bodies and cinching inches off their waistlines. This practice known as waist training or corset training is done all in the name of beauty, sex appeal, and the coveted hourglass figure.


Waist training is a safer and more affordable way to reshape your body without undergoing cosmetic surgery. I find this to be the most convincing! There are so many different types of corsets and you will need to be educated on how to choose the best one for you.


Vanna B., a native of Philadelphia, is an award-winning author and she has written the perfect guide to using corsets in her book Waist Training 101: A Guide to Using Corsets to Slim Your Waistline. This book provides you with a comprehensive, easy-to-follow crash course in preparing for and beginning your waist training journey.


In this manual you will learn:

  • The benefits of wearing corsets
  • Corset types, shapes, and components
  • What to look for in a quality corset
  • What garments are not suitable for waist training
  • The differences between off-the-rack and custom corsets
  • How to correctly measure yourself for a corset
  • Waist training safety
  • How to lace, season, and properly care for your corset
  • How to maintain your reduction… and more!

Look your best in the dress! Connect with Vanna B. and purchase her Waist Training 101 book on Amazon.



Sonia Castleberry

Sonia Castleberry is the Senior Beauty Editor for World Bride Magazine. She’s a licensed third generation hairstylist that’s well recognized throughout the television, film, and fashion industries. Her passion for hair and all things beauty began at an early age growing up in her family’s hair salon. Her work has appeared in several publications both nationally and internationally. Her industry knowledge and work ethic has garnered her opportunities to contribute to major broadcasting networks, brands as well as feature films. She is the owner of Brides by Sonia Castleberry, a luxury on location bridal agency that brings the salon to you on your wedding day. In her spare time she enjoys traveling with her husband and son. Sonia currently resides in New York City.

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