Aurelie Mey Couture collection
Aurelie Mey Couture collection

Trendy, modern and chic are not new terms for French Couture designer
Aurelie Mey. Her wedding pieces, handmade in her atelier in Dromois, France,
consistently represent the bride who is strong and bold yet warm and elegant.
Introduced to fashion at a very young age by her Sicilian grandmother, Mey
quickly developed a passion for the industry. However, it was really when Mey
gave birth to her daughter, she decided to create dresses for women like herself.


Aurelie Mey Couture collection

The personal stories of each woman she outfits contribute to a customized process of
shaping, tailoring and embellishing the work with the finest fabrics. As Mey puts it,
”I like to work with the know-how of each country; to have the best of
extraordinary materials that represent today’s bride”.


Aurelie Mey Couture collection
Aurelie Mey Couture collection


Mey boasts her description of today’s bride as a woman who loves revealing
beauty, who straddle between rock and glam life. She “shakes the codes” and
“lives by (her) own rules”.


Aurelie Mey Couture collection
Aurelie Mey Couture collection


It is no surprise that the latest collection debuted in New York City at New York
Fashion Week Bridal at the splendid space in the heart of  Manhattan– Manhattan Manor.

The collection’s style range from asymmetry; if you want to stand out, fit and flare for daring curves, traditional full coverage gowns for the Meghan Markle fans and cropped lace top 2 piece sets for the forward carefree woman. Mey’s collection showcases something for that fearless woman regardless of age, color, size or shape.

Stay tuned more information as the collection finds a home in the US in the upcoming months. Until then for more information on Aurelie Mey visit and be sure to reference World Bride Magazine.


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