WBM Summer Series: The Digital Evolution Of The Bridal Industry With Paulette Cleghorn

Beauties of Yumi Katsura

The Bridal Industry is a 300 Billion dollar industry, (the numbers may drop for 2020 because of the pandemic) and it continues to evolve to make room for future change to be inclusive to everyone around the world.

There are a handful of people in the industry that start out one way and later transform to another direction when it comes to their career.

There are even fewer Black designers that are globally recognized and celebrated, in the retail space, and most definitely in the luxury arena is even smaller. But when they are in the space they tend to soar to great heights and do a brilliant job at their craft. Paulette Cleghorn is such a figure in that space that has shattered the glass ceiling.

As a bridal publication here at WBM from our inception we have always been inclusive with all our editorials, and the content we present to you our readers. We are proud to say we didn’t have to pivot backward and apologize for excluding anyone, or groups out there. We have always seen you. We noticed there are so many other platforms now becoming more conscious about being more inclusive in showing Black representations using models, working with brands that invite Black and brown people. You the consumer are demanding it and holding them and us accountable. We accept the challenge to create a better and healthier and inclusive environment.

We are proud to see the changes our industry is making. So we wanted to introduce, or reintroduce you to some of our favorite Black designers in the Bridal space that have been here and have supported World Bride Magazine from day one for the past two decades. We want to support these brands not because they are Black, but because they do great work, but some of you may not have known that there were amazing Black people behind the work you have loved for so long. You trusted the quality of their work, integrity of the brand and you shopped.

Paulette Cleghorn started as a retailer, evolved to become a redesigner, a showroom owner, a bridal salon, and now a Creative Director for two design houses that are globally recognized. Cleghorn designs for the Japanese house of Yumi Katsura and Italian house Cristiano Lucci. Talk about being global. Canadian born, American bred, and New York celebrated and internationally respected.

Listen to our conversation and see the honor and respect is earned and well deserved.

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