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Beachy Bach Parties!


Seaside Celebrations for Every Bride-to-Be If there’s any arena where brides-to-be have upped their game, it’s the bachelorette party. Long gone are the days…

The Gucci Gang At The Met Gala


Below are a selection from the Gucci gang who adorned themselves from traditional to outrageous. Each celeb making it their very own adding jewelry, accessories or putting personal touches on hair and makeup. The designer, Allesandro Michele himself attended and twinned with Jered Leto. See if you can figure out which one was which—it takes a good hard look.


Chanel’s Métier d’Arts Runway Show 2022


Since 2003 Chanel’s Métier D’Arts fashion shows celebrated the extraordinary artisan houses that painstakingly work on the components that go into a Chanel piece. Each of the 7 specialties drill down on a particular aspect of the final garment or accessory —embroidery, millinery, boot-making, to name a few