Gentlemen- It’s Your Wedding Too, Get Involved


Gentlemen, your soon-to-be wife has been thinking about her big wedding day for some time now. She’s going to have a lot on her plate with planning the wedding, picking out color schemes, and all the minor details that are going to bring this special day together.

Your role is to help make this job easier for your soon-to-be wife. There are some things you’ll only help with and other tasks the groom takes over completely. This is the perfect time to show your support and show that you’re involved.

Wedding Planning for Grooms

The groom’s duties before the wedding are all about providing support. You want to make sure to show your wife that you’re ready to do this and you’re committed right from the start. This period is about getting yourself in the right state of mind.

You’ll want to take your share of pre-wedding planning. Things like helping refine the guest list, picking your groomsmen, and picking out a first dance song that’s unique to you and your wife are a few things you want to be involved with.

One of the most important pre-wedding activities you’ll be involved with is the rehearsal dinner. This is your time to connect with people closest to you and give them special attention. Because during the actual wedding it’ll be more difficult to give attention to absolutely everyone.

Things to Tackle Before Your Wedding Day

You’re going to have a lot on your mind. With so many things to think about and do it’s easy to forget something. To help with your pre-wedding activities we’ve put together some bullet points of things you should think about ahead of time.  While every wedding is different this will give you a good base.

#1 Getting Tailored – It’s easy to rent a suit and just go with it but don’t be that guy. Put the time into getting tailored and getting a suit or tuxedo that’s going to make you stand out. Don’t forget you’ll want to take your groomsmen and make sure they’re just as tailored as you are.

#2 Facial Hair – Decide who’s keeping the beard and who’s shaving. It’s recommended to do this the day before your wedding. This way you’re not bleeding or sporting small cuts in your wedding pictures. If someone’s keeping a beard this is the time to groom and tighten it up.

#3 Your Nails – Nails are often forgotten but it’s something you want to take care of. Get yourself and even your groomsmen a manicure and pedicure before the big day.

#4 Honeymoon Grooming – I’m talking about trimming below the belt. Grab yourself any budget electric trimmer and cut down the bulk of your hair. You can stop with a trim or grab your razor and go full bare. Either way, make sure to do it a couple days ahead of your honeymoon so you’re not itching!

#5 Get the Gifts – Buy your groomsmen gifts early. Especially if you’re having something custom made or with engraved names. Some unique gift ideas could be sporting tickets, 6-month subscriptions to services like Hulu, Netflix, or Spotify, or something like a Man Crate.



What to do on The Big Day

The day of the wedding may be a little stressful and you may be nervous. It’s completely normal to feel nervous but the one thing you want to double check on is making sure you’ve got the rings. Other than that, you want to focus on your own personal attire.

Have someone give you a look over and fix any attire mistakes or straighten out anything. Don’t rely on yourself and a mirror and don’t be afraid to ask a friend for assistance.

Here are the parts of your attire to focus on to stand out.

#1 Collar Stays – Having a nice straight collar makes a big impact on appearance. Use collar stays to keep the tips of your collar straight.

#2 Cufflinks – No matter how relaxed or how fancy your wedding may be always worn cufflinks. It’s a small piece to add to a suit but it makes a big difference in the way it looks.

#3 Shoes & Socks – Always make sure your shoes are nicely shined. Shined shoes step up your attire game is like the icing on the cake. Match your suit with a nice pair of socks and your footwear will be right on point.

#4 Avoid This – As the groom of the wedding, you want to avoid having anything in your pockets. Completely empty them. Also, avoid wearing your sports watch. They can be difficult to match with a suit or tux and you may be better off not wearing it at all. (This may be a great time to invest in a classic timepiece.)

Everything else is about making sure your wife feels special and is taken care of. It’s both of your big day and the focus should be on the both of you enjoying the moment.

When It’s All Over

The only thing to do when the wedding is winding down is to give a toast. This will typically be the very last speech of the night. You don’t have to do anything fancy. Just make sure to use this time to thank everyone who made your wedding possible including the people who drove a long distance to be there.

After your toast is complete and you’re heading out you can finally take a deep breath because you’ve made it. You’re officially a married man and have a great future to look forward to. Feel free to do all the cheesy stuff like carrying your new bride indoors or jumping on a flight to your honeymoon destination. Whatever you choose to do just remember to relax and enjoy yourselves and to have a great time.

All the hard work is over and its now time begin your life journey together.



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