Isabelle Armstrong: Haute Couture Bridal Gowns

  What does a former attorney have to do with luxury? Everything! Remy Quinones is the founder and CEO of Isabelle Armstrong, a luxury fashion design house which creates haute couture wedding gowns. Ms. Quinones successfully launched her first bridal collection in New York City in October 2013. The collection continues to receive significant accolades […]

NYC Wine Tasting- Awakening Your International Taste For Wine

If you’re looking for some tasty wines to have at your wedding or are looking to try something new when you take a break from planning, we have some great picks for you! World Bride Magazine went to Appellation Wine and Spirits to take part in their Summer Wine Tasting Series. Here are three wines […]

Pyrrha Designs- The Art of Great Gifting

by: Cydney Wagner   Looking for the right gift for your bridal party?  Gift giving is only meaningful if the recipient cherishes it.  So you, the gift giver, must put some thought behind what you choose to give to your dear friends that are about to share your day with you. Jewelry, accessories are something […]

The Story behind Cesar Galindo

Bright colors, bold prints and flowing fabrics comprise the line of this self-taught Latin American-born designer. As a first generation Mexican who’s also the youngest of 11 children he grew up in a heavily Latin influenced home. As a child, he loved art and creating things. He was involved in dancing, theater (drama), painting and […]



Summer 2015 Unexpected Men Accessories

By Cydney Wagner       With men’s fashion making its mark in New York City this past month, top designers were focused on accessories that capture the eye of buyers. This summer season, designers love bolder colors, such as blues and blacks, to accentuate an outfit. When it comes to competing with women’s accessories, men […]

Our Top 10 Latin American Couples That Shape our View of Love

By: Cydney Wagner   Today, there are many Latin American powerhouse couples in Hollywood and across a variety of international media platforms. From internationally renowned singers to talented fashion designers, they have not only made their professional imprint in today’s society, but their love lives are admired by all! Shakira & Gerard Pique At the […]

Veronica Giovannoni: A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

Every special moment in our life deserve a good picture because we want to stop every happy moment, protect, and save it. Photography is an universal language,  an art that is our way to honor what makes us happy. Veronica Giovannoni is a young Italian photographer and has always put photography in the center of […]

Stop and Smell the Roses

John Nevado’s floral company, Nevado Roses, has been specializing only in roses, importing them fresh and beautiful from Ecuador, since 1965. Nevado also created an international online magazine, I Love Roses (, for other florists and flower enthusiasts. The magazine posts everything from DIY crafts and tutorials, planning floral arrangements for your wedding, and making rose martini cocktails. For everything you could possibly need to know about roses, we skyped with […]

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