From Santa Barbara To Washington, D.C. Museums & Historic Properties Are Magical w/Restrictions

  A couple of days ago we met with a newly engaged couple, both engineers, to tour the Museum. We had an enjoyable time chatting about their relationship and how they finally got to the moment he dropped to his knees to pop the question.  We spent a couple hours going over every detail from […]

Tea & Wedding Ceremonies in the Indian Culture

No matter where you are in the world many cultures use tea as a way to connect with people.   India is one of the largest growers and producers of tea.  A large percentage of tea is used within India.  Some of their popular teas are Assam, Darjeeling, and Masala Chai.  Tea is a spiritual connection. […]

Presentation Is Everything- From Argentina With Love, Exquisitely Yours, Barbara Diez

    “Presentation is everything.” This statement was engrained in us from childhood by our mother, who in my opinion is the epitome of a lady,  as far as I’m concerned. Public perception, visual presentation, proper etiquette was an absolute priority in our household.  Taking extra time to pay attention to details was an expected practice. […]

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Bridal Beauty Tips Inspired by the Indian Customs

  Indian Bridal Makeup The anatomy of the bride’s look is one of the most important aspect to the Indian wedding rituals.  As she is lavished with jewels, silks, and the ritual goes on for days.  So we want to examine some of what goes into these lavish routines  and gain some inspiration. The Face […]

Delicious Cuisine & Fabulous Art Scene of Dominican Republic (Part 1 of 4)

During the cold months, there are several wonderful places to visit that are great for a weekend jaunt, cost-effective and gorgeous weather. This 4-Part Article Series will chronicle the culture within the Dominican Republic and all of its beautiful Caribbean culture of the delicious cuisine, fabulous art scene, hotels/bed & breakfast stays, and the Haitian […]

Bouquet Full of Love

  Flowers as we know serve many purposes in our lives. Some flowers are for medicinal purposes whereas others are deadly to the touch; while flowers can serve as a peace offering to an occasion, for a bride she wouldn’t dream of having her wedding without flowers. But in these series of articles on flowers, […]

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