When Do You Send Out Wedding Invitations?

When planning a wedding every detail is important and requires the utmost attention from the invitations to the actual day. The invitations allow for your expected guest to have enough time to attend your special day. So what is proper wedding invitation etiquette? Typically invitations are sent out six to eight weeks prior to the […]

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Beatriz Ball: Latin Metal Elegance

By: Megan Jander When it comes to weddings, bridal registry is huge. But behind every bridal registry piece is an artist with a story and Beatriz Ball is no exception. In the 60s, Cuba was taken over by Communism regime and eventually Ball was forced to flee her homeland to Mexico. There she became close […]

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Texture Time

The lob, or long bob, has been a trending haircut for so long that it has pretty much reached classic status at this point. Women love the lob for its low maintenance and chic appearance. But when it comes to bridal styles, the lob often gets left behind. Many brides run to hair extensions or […]

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A little about ASIAN TEA CULTURE

A little about ASIAN TEA CULTURE Tea culture is very important in the Asian community. Tea Culture varies in each country by the way people connect with tea, by the way tea is grown and the way it is brewed.  Tea culture is also influenced by art, music and history.  In the Asian community, tea is […]

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The Grand & Fashionable Wedding Celebrations of The Gulf Region

Weddings in the Middle East vary from state to state and from one religion to another; although predominantly Muslim, Orthodox or Coptic Christianity and Judaism are also practiced. The tradition of wearing wedding rings also originated in this region and at the wedding each guest is given five almonds that symbolize the five sacred wedding […]

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Shiba Inu: a small japanese diamond

We are delighted to present a piece of the heart of Japan and an important part of the Japanese culture – the Shiba Inu. Shiba Inu is one of the most popular breeds in this country by being the smallest and oldest dog of all the Japan’s breeds and his in the line of hunting […]

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Off The Rack vs. Bespoke

When you hear the word bespoke what is the first thought that comes to mind? In fact, some of you gentlemen may be saying to yourselves, “I have never heard that term before.” Let’s start by defining Bespoke, (pronounced bee-SPOHK) is a term used in the United Kingdom as well as other places for custom […]

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Hands Fit for a King

Prepare to take copious notes and make a list of ten of the most powerful, influential and stylish men in the world. I suggest you peruse as many films, websites, and magazines as possible and take note of their hands and fingernails. What do you notice?  Are their nails dirty and untidy? Do they look like […]

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