City Brides—Creative Construction for Your Wedding Needs

The snow has disappeared and we are finally out of hibernation. Summer weddings are always a challenge, and everywhere you look it’s all about finding the perfect wedding dress. What about the perfect city hall outfit? Or the perfect   rehearsal dinner dress? Or even the perfect post-wedding attire? How do you still make a […]

Touch Down—She Said Yes: James Anderson & Carissa Rosario

From New York Fashion Week To An Engagement During London’s Fashion Week She said yes, she will marry him… She is Carissa Rosario, international model and He is James Anderson, linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys. The couple has been inseparable, even though both are successful in their careers and they find time for each other […]

The Legacy of Assouline- The Art of Literature

  “For us, books are a matter of intellect and emotion, of heritage and innovation. Because information is not only about today and the past it is all a sensational source of inspiration.”  Martine & ProsperAssouline. My children believe that I am starting a small library in our home.  As the years go by, they […]

5 Amazing Marriage Proposals You Definitely Want To See!

For some grooms, getting down on one knee and asking for his bride’s hand in marriage just isn’t enough. Thanks to sites like Youtube, more and more grooms are being inspired to stage elaborate marriage proposals. From hiring marching bands, to rehearsing full Broadway-quality dancing sequences, the bar keeps getting set higher and higher. If […]

The 10 Greatest Places to Get Married in France

France… [frăns]… Just whispering this word exudes glamour, trend and romanticism. In France, the wedding venue options are unlimited. Whatever wedding plans you have in mind, they can happen here. France is the ultimate place to get married. You will find castles, rustic farms, incredible white sandy beaches, and fields of olives trees and lavender. There […]

Ladies, You too Can Be a Pin Up Bride

    Ladies your hair may be your crown and glory, and on your wedding day the last thing you want to worry about is “how does my hair look?” Well, your hair stylist can definitely design the greatest of vision when it comes to your hairstyle. But ask any reputable stylists and they will […]

Made InSicily Club – Come Learn About Sicily and the Creativity That Comes From It

Marco Strano, wedding gown designer. Born and raised in Sicily, Marco has always had a passion for the pure Sicilian craft; he is the epitome of creativity, his research and vision blends tradition and innovation. He works with paper, transforms fabrics into something new, everything starts from the fabric and then moves from there under […]

How to Get Legally Married in New York City When You’re a Foreigner?

  How to get legally married in New York City when you are not an American resident? So you dream about having a different wedding in the city that never sleeps. Wow, such a great choice! But so many questions too, right? Don’t worry! In this short video, you will be guided on how to […]

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