Wedding Menus: From Culture to Diversity, the Do’s for the Brightest Taste! Cultural Wedding Reception Menu Ideas

Creating your wedding menu is not just the caterer’s affair. It’s an extension of your love story: It’s full of diversity, where you can express your creativity and generosity to your love ones! Moreover, when you’re planning your reception, creating your wedding menu is no small feat. Here’s a to do list to guide you through a […]

The Perfect Christian Louboutin Shoes For Brides & Grooms

Stressing about finding the perfect pair of shoes for your wedding day? Stress no more! Christian Louboutin has curated an impeccable selection of heels and dress shoes for brides and grooms. Louboutin selected the Delicanodo, Dictata, and Youpiyou for brides, and the Cedalion, Trepeter, and Greggo for grooms. Between this selection of six shoes, you are […]


The biggest night in music took place on Feb 8th. It was also a big night for hair and makeup. The 57th GRAMMY Awards red carpet is always a must watch for bridal hair and makeup inspiration. The celebrity styles I’ve seen on the red carpet this year are versatile and just perfect for that very special day. […]

Wedding Inspiration from Africa

Wedding Inspiration from Africa Are you looking for a way to create a unique and experiential wedding? The continent of Africa has long been a source of inspiration. The following African-themed tips are great ways to add some flare to your big day! Beauty: From skincare to makeup and hair, beauty is one of the biggest […]

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Eau Mediterranee: l’essenza magica è la Puglia, regione più bella del mondo

Casa è il luogo del cuore. Se questo è vero, posso dire di avere ormai due case, due patrie, due luoghi a cui la mia anima appartiene. Uno è ovviamente Roma, dove sono nata. L’altro invece è una regione del Sud dell’Italia, il tacco dello stivale, chiamata Puglia; e più precisamente la sua zona centrale […]

Things Are About to Get Hairy: An Interview with the Vu

    MBFW, NBA All-Star Weekend, and SNL 40th anniversary New York City was plenty busy. The most frigid temperature ever didn’t stop things! As I braved the cold weather I knew exactly where to go for a hot cup of tea–and to get some “T” on the latest trends about hair. My destination was The […]

SPADARO Luxury Fragrances: Your Best Honeymoon Scent

Have you been sniffing the countless designer fragrances displayed on department store counters and was befuddled by their essence? Or are you constantly rubbing your wrist on the flaps of perfumed paper in fashion magazines trying to find the perfect scent? I’ve stumbled upon one of the best scents that I have smelled in years:  BESO […]

German Couture Label “Sev Mod” buzzword among the European Glitterati

Sev Mod designer Kia Kryeziu was born in the heart of Kosovo and raised in Croatia. As refugees, she and her family migrated to Germany, fleeing the raging war that threatened to break the family apart. World Bride Magazine is delighted to have discovered this gem of a designer who emerged out of a war-ridden region […]

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