Make Your Honeymoon Sizzle Sexy Argentina


By Dave Wise





Not everyone enjoys being half naked on a beach for their entire honeymoon, so with an urgency and passion, we sweep you off to Argentina.

Being the origins of arguably the sexiest dance on the planet, the Tango, Argentina has so much to offer a couple seeking to spend their new beginnings around all things beautiful. From its humble immigrant beginnings, to the gangster frequented brothels to what we know today, the Tango blends male sexuality and the surrendered female form. Ultimately delivering a dance that is erotically charged and completely immersive to watch. Some would say its voyeurism with clothes and an all-consuming rhythm.




For the rest of the world, Argentina is noted for its first lady, Eva Perón, both beautiful and intelligent; filled with passion. Unfortunately taken from her people at the tender age of 33 (thirty three) by Cancer. Her spirit definitely lives on; upon visiting her adopted home of Buenos Aires you will find her presence is everywhere. It is said that Eva first travelled to Buenos Aires with the Tango singer Agustin Magaldi, but this is just conjecture. We suspect that her unfaltering passion drove the invention of this rumor. Decades after her passing and the streets are littered with shops and stalls of memorabilia. With a visit to the Eva Perón museum by the Botanical Gardens you can see and feel that passion in person.

When you’ve had your fill of the bustle of Buenos Aires and you’re looking for somewhere to unwind. Forget the beach, Argentina has yet more to offer. The awe inspiring Iguazú falls will leave you breathless, the falls are banked by both Brazil and Argentina, but Argentina claim most of the falls and Iguazú City is only 25 kilometers from the airport making it very easy to get to. Access via the Argentine side is via the Rainforest Ecological Train, which takes you to the entrance of Devil’s Throat. There are also boat services that will take you right into the falls themselves. The falls are impressive, even more so when you know that Eleanor Roosevelt exclaimed “Poor Niagara” when she first laid eyes upon them.



So you’ve seen and experienced the warmth, passion and power of Argentina, lest not forget, if you travel south into Santa Crus Province you will be greeted by the Perito Moreno Glacier. This is one of only three glaciers in Patagonia that are still growing. It benefits from a large visitor centre and there are tours ranging from one to five hours.

So you may want to check with your travel expert and leave your cares behind as you make your way to total ecstasy.



Inspirational Looks from New York Fashion Week For Your Spring 2015 Nuptials


by Saroyah

The displays of Fashion Week are long past. By now, you’ve looked through the runway photos, gotten a sneak-peak of what to expect in six months. With the fall weather in full swing, Halloween fast approaching and the Christmas goods popping into stores, however, we can’t help but have romance on the mind and start thinking about when the warm weather and sunshine will dominate once again.

If you’re planning your spring or summer wedding this winter, here are some trends straight from the runway that can be easily incorporated into your spring or summer affair.

Slicked back hair. From louboutin outlet uk to louboutin outlet   straight, clean, combed, fresh-out-of-the-shower looks were pervasive on the runway this past September. To get the look, blow dry your hair straight and then apply your best hairspray and comb the hair back behind the ears. Don’t be shy on the product. Side parts were definitely the more prominent choice. This would look great with a veil, creative floral headpiece or hat.



Son Jung Wan


Son Jung Wan






















Pastels. We loved the soft toned dresses and rompers of silk and crystals from   This soft tone is perfect for bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen’s ties, or even floral arrangements.

Nude Makeup. At the Hellessey show, we spoke with click here makeup artists who gave us the scoop on this spring makeup trend. Like the natural, wet-hair look, natural makeup is also the season’s look and is perfect for your spring or summer wedding. Easily applied, golds, browns and soft pinks will be dominant. Consider these for your big day.

Exotic Jewels.  proved that fine gems, crystals and stones in exotic, tribal patterns can be both elegant and a true beautiful statement to liven up your bridal attire. Consider getting a piece of matching jewelry for your bridal party; whether it be a certain type of bracelet, color or pattern, these pieces are good for destination weddings or a bride who doesn’t shy from the unusual.

Organic Luxury with Kjaer Weis



Many women have embraced the organic lifestyle when it comes to their diets, but have you ever considered taking an organic approach to your makeup? In the age of “Going Green,” there is no shortage of companies marketing organic products to you, and cosmetics have certainly not missed-out on the moment. Their are dozens of brands that now offer organic options, and navigating the sea of choices can be daunting and overwhelming. The biggest hurdle for makeup lovers, wanting to switch-over to an organic brand, has been product performance. While there is no shortage of options, there is a shortage of quality. In my quest to better serve my clientele, I test new and existing brands consistently. I like to have the ability to offer options to my clients that want to incorporate organic products into their makeup routine, without sacrificing quality. Luckily for them, I have come to learn about and love an organic-friendly luxury brand named cheap beats uk  .


cheap beats was started by Kirsten Kjaer Weis, a professional makeup artist. Kjaer wanted to offer a product to her clients that was organic, yet able to perform as well as the chemical-laden products that are often used. This sent Kjaer on a mission, an 8-year mission, to develop a product line that would meet her needs. Kirsten ended-up partnering with an Italian manufacturer that used high-quality natural and organic ingredients, exclusively. And today, you now have the Kjaer Weis cosmetics line.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 8.28.50 PM

In addition to bringing the organic cosmetics line to fruition, Kirsten worked with an award-winning creative director to develop the packaging for the line. The makeup’s packaging is truly extraordinary and luxurious. The makeup compacts are made of metal, and are embossed with Kirsten’s initials, KW, in white enamel. To add to the luxury, the metal compacts come in a red lacquer, grain-textured here box, bringing to mind the experience of receiving an expensive piece of jewelry.  In keeping with the “green” theme of her line, Kristen also made the compacts refillable. The pans of the compacts easily pop out so that you can purchase refills once you’ve run out. And this doesn’t go for just the foundation, even the mascara tube is designed for refills. Waste has truly been minimized in this well though-out packaging.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 8.29.29 PM

If you’re in the market to revolutionize your makeup bag, this might just be the direction for you to travel in. The line is perfect for women of all complexions. Kjaer offers a global range of skin tones for her cream foundation, and a universally flattering color palette of eye shadows, lip tints, and cream blushes. I hope you will enjoy the products as much as I have. You can view their full offering at:


Victor Amos | Senior Editor
TWITTER: @WorldBride

CARTAGENA de Indias: A Wedding Paradise


By Marsha Reeves Ping G30 Driver Jews




The whole idea for the World Bride Magazine Team going to Cartagena de Indias was to attend TENDENCIAS 2014 Cartagena Bridal Week. I thought this was a wonderful idea and that, in fact, it was going to be similar to most Bridal shows and conferences in the US—couldn’t be further from the truth.

Upon arrival I mentally noted a Bible verse, “old things are passed away.” However, as we road on streets that supported people from the 1500s, and that were here  beautifully lined by man-made stone walls, I was immediately struck by the juxtaposition of the blatant traces of the past to the newness of today’s asphalt and gleaming office buildings. And, so, we began our journey to the hotel which is located inside Cartagena’s colonial walled city, designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Our driver was wonderful and our representative from the hotel made certain we observed a variety of landmarks along the beautiful road, along the Caribbean Sea. We were in northern Colombia with weather that was very pleasant with average temperature of 88 degrees.

Cartagena de Indias is an extraordinary, yet complex city. It is the perfect backdrop for a destination wedding. The city offers the rare opportunity to walk back in time yet feel the subtle elegance surrounding your every experience.  It is right on the water and provides the normal water activities for you and your wedding party. While there you feel like you have stepped into a place in time that was filled with romance and opulence.

The timeless historical architecture of the churches and hotels is beautiful and provides the perfect luxurious setting for a romantic wedding weekend. Imagine these amazing buildings which were constructed in the 1500s and tightly hold the mystery of a people’s history that will never be forgotten. These very walls of many monasteries and convents are now adorned by luxurious wall treatments, window dressings and extraordinary artwork and other well-appointed eye catching touches.

Since it was the Cartagena Bridal Week, the entire city of Cartagena and its citizens were poised to provide each and every participant a memorable experience. Not only were we impressed by the event’s local event planners, caterers and other wedding professionals, I was personally impressed by the various venues and found myself viewing each with the eye of a bride and planner.

I visited several wonderful hotels that weren’t part of our well-planned schedule. Each hotel and staff had their own personality yet fit nicely into the beautiful architecture that once held either convents or monasteries, and truly provides individual experiences.





Our host hotel is indeed a five star and deserves the rating – the Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Cartagena is in itself magical. An old convent that surrounds its guests. The Sofitel is one of the finest with stunning wraparound of the coastline.  It is very clear that the most civilized pleasures are within immediate reach in every minute detail and element. Embracing their rich architectural heritage, this gracious old-world  ambiance permeates the grounds, from the hotel lobby and outdoor gardens to private terraces and inviting courtyards. At the same time, places such as the center courtyard express a vibrant openness that maintains a peaceful quality and style. All of the luxuries and amenities have been carefully conceived to reflect what is expected of an internationally renowned hotel. But most importantly, all of the stunning appointments, professional world-class management and facilities, clearly aims to inspire and renew the spirits of those who embrace this incredible experience.




Tcherassi Hotel & Spa with the Vera Restaurant – the perfect location for a villa experience. There are seven rooms that are situated in a rather abstract manner on different levels with a variety of access and stairs. There are pools on the roof and the lobby next to the Vera and bar. I would certainly take the entire building for either the groomsmen or bridesmaids. This amazing hotel is right in the heart of a busy town square and you would never know it. Each room enjoys a wonderful view of the city.


Casa San Agustin 


Casa San Agustin is a luxury boutique and has combined three houses in the block of businesses and residences. The appointments are well thought out and the integration of these separate residences is literally seamless.  They have 24 guest rooms and 6 suites. The architect and designer worked hand in hand with restoring the library’s frescoes and wooden beamed ceilings. In the middle of these historical structures is a courtyard that has a historic aqueduct as its centerpiece, yet another amazing part of Cartagena’s history. The hotel preserves an authentic Colombian style, while seamlessly incorporating contemporary details. Large pictured windows and breezy balconies allow natural light to brighten each space and bring the beauty of nature indoors. A select number of guest rooms features private plunge pools or Jacuzzis, and all rooms feature traditional colonial inspired furnishings and luxurious linens.




Hotel Charleston Santa TeresaHow can one city boast another five star hotel and spa? This hotel has made a commitment to create a lavish destination for tourism, weddings and retreats. The options are endless with lodging that varies from suites of incredible portion to single rooms. Rising above this ancient and bustling city is this incredible oasis of calm and cool understated elegance. While you sit cradled in this amazing paradise, one can only enjoy the fascinating historical architecture and feel right at home with all the contemporary luxurious décor and appointments.  Their spa is where you would want to spend your time, the variety of services makes the trip. Every person I met throughout my brief visit was excited about the hotel and its variety of amenities.

I must say, this trip was a wonderful experience; while I speak only a little Spanish, there wasn’t one person who wasn’t able to assist with all of my questions. The people, the courtyard markets and the history make this a magical experience.

In every hotel, I felt the commitment to each person enjoying the transformation from the humble beginnings of a convent or monastery to an elegant representation of the world’s best architects and decorators.

Daily Routine That Will Keep Your Body & Spirit At Ease


By Marguerite Sanz Van Peebles




Certains évènements d’une vie sont plus stressants que d’autres, le mariage en est un bel exemple Abercrombie And Fitch Outlet Vous, mesdames ou plutôt futures dames qui avez choisi de vous marier et qui voyez approcher à vitesse grand V la date fatidique savez de quoi je parle!

Les préparatifs vous demandent beaucoup d’organisation, de concentration et surtout de temps! Si bien que vous avez du mal à en prendre pour vous, pour vousAbercrombie Outlet  chouchouter! Ne vous inquiétez pas, je vous délivre ici ma petite routine beauté, simple mais selon moi efficace, suivez-là bien et vous serez la plus belle le jour-J ;)

Selon moi, ma “routine beauté” ne tourne pas uniquement autour deshere  produits que j’utilise, je la conçois davantage comme une question de lifestyle, “un esprit sain dans un corps sain”.

En premier lieu, je pratique beaucoup la salsa et les danses latines, et qui me fait me dépenser, également je fais du yoga (hatha/ ashtanga) et inévitablement je marche beaucoup dans cette grande ville qu’est NYC. J’essaye d’éviter l’ascenseur (dans la mesure du possible, pas quand il s’agit de faire 30 étages) et je monte les escaliers sur la pointe des pieds et ce n’est pas aussi bizarre qu’il n’y paraît. Durant l’été, je nage.



De plus, je bois principalement de l’eau, le matin quand je me réveille et que je suis encore dans mon lit, j’attrape mon grand verre à température ambiante (Evian, Hepar, Contrex, voire Veuve Clicquot…).

Concernant mes habitudes alimentaires, je dirais que je mange de tout mais pas de “junk food” ni de sodas et peu de biscuits même si c’est tentant. Je préfère manger équilibré, notamment des crustacés, du poisson, du chocolat noir, du thé détox (je recommande le Kusmi tea detox et le dernier né de la marque Tsarevna), les fruits secs et les bananes tout au long de l’année même si j’aime privilégier les produits de saison. Comme nous sommes en automne, je fais beaucoup de soupe où les seuls ingrédients sont de l’eau, du gingembre, du gros sel et des légumes comme le brocoli, la citrouille, le poireau, la carotte… Autre conseil et non des moindres: évitez tout grignotage!

A propos de mes soins pour le visage, je viens de découvrir le Glossier set qui vient juste de sortir, très trendy et pratique! Autrement je nettoie ma figure avec la super brosse Clarisonic, 2/3 fois par semaine. Quand je ne l’utilise pas je me sers d’un gant de toilette et du Gel nettoyant doux de Bioderma et deux fois par semaine du gommage doux purifiant Avène. Hebdomadairement je fais le masque apaisant du Dr Hauschka ou un masque à l’argile tout simple. Puis je me sers, avec un disque de coton, de la lotion clarifiante 2 Clinique ou du tonique fraîcheur Nivea, plus doux. Comme crème, j’emploie celles de la marque Nivea ou la fameuse émulsion hydratante tellement différente de Clinique. Durant la journée j’alterne pour mes lèvres Carmex et Cherry chapstick, n’en déplaise à Katy Perry. Je ne quitte pas l’huile sèche Roger & Gallet, l’eau de beauté Caudalie, l’huile prodigieuse de Nuxe et l’inévitable Touche éclat de Saint Laurent.

Le soir je prépare mon visage pour la nuit en utilisant le lait démaquillant Nivea, le démaquillant waterproof pour les yeux Sephora; dans le dessein d’éviter les cernes disgracieuses j’emploie le glamour shot yeux de Sampar. En période de stress et donc de boutons, plutôt que le bifudus actif, j’applique Sephora stop thé spot sur la zone disgracieuse. Quand je veux nettoyer ma peau plus en profondeur, il me suffit d’utiliser Intensify facial Disk dr Colbert et j’ai aussi découvert les produits de VMV Hypoallergenics qui en valent tous la peine.



Pour mon corps, quand j’ai le temps, j’aime prendre un bain avec les produits Lush et pour un peu de luxe me faire le masque de nuit au caviar de la Prairie. Mais on ne le dira jamais assez: sauvons la planète et prenons des bains à deux ;) Quoi qu’il en soit je prends aussi des douches avec un savon quelconque ou un de chez Roger et Gallet pour le parfum additif et deux fois par semaine je fais un gommage Biotherm avec ma Clarisonic (je n’ai pas de loofah, ce n’est qu’un nid à microbes). Je continue ma routine en utilisant l’huile pour bébé Johnson&Johnson ou la crème Lipkar de la Roche-Posay et la crème pour les mains Clarins. Maintenant la question que tout le monde se pose: quid du déodorant? En ce qui me concerne je dirais que c’est mieux de l’éviter étant donné la nocivité du produit, si vous n’avez pas d’oursins sous les bras alors 99% des problèmes liés à es odeurs dérangeantes devraient être évités. Cependant, si vous voulez vraiment utiliser un déo, je suggérerais un sans sel d’aluminium comme celui de Rogé Cavailles. Toujours à propos des oursins, définitivement pas mon fruit de mer favori, si un jour vous êtes pressée, sans épilateur ni cire sous la main, plutôt que d’utiliser la crème dépilatoire, il est préférable de se raser et d’utiliser la crème Êshave dédiée à cet usage.   Enfin, pour le moindre petit bobo j’aime appliquer copieusement la crème Cicalfate d’Avène.



Pour terminer ma routine beauté, j’en viens à mes soins capillaires que je dois scrupuleusement respecter étant donné que mes cheveux sont très frisés plutôt sec et que je ne les raidis pas. Je les lave avec le shampooing Boucles couture de Frieda ou le soin lavant à la banane Leonor Greyl. Comme masque j’aime employer le Frieda miraculous recovery, le soin quintessence Greyl ou Fekkai shea butter mask. Comme soin quotidien j’alterne entre Mizani butter rich (mais tous les produits de la gamme sont très bien), la crème hydratante Hair Rules ou le spray Fioravanti de Furterer. Pour éviter le calcaire nocif et apporter plus de brillance il m’arrive de les rincer avec de l’eau vinaigrée mais l’odeur entêtante peut être vite dérangeante. Je trouve que les cheveux sont moins agressés quand on les lave une fois (shampooing + masque) et que la fois d’après (4/5 jours plus tard) on n’utilise que le masque) et ainsi de suite!

Bien sûr cette liste de produits n’est pas exhaustive mais comme less is more je l’ai arrêtée là; n’oubliez pas que faire de l’exercice physique régulièrement et se nourrir correctement c’est déjà 80% du job!  Alors prenez du temps pour vous détenez-vous et n’oubliez pas qu’il vous aime pour ce que vous êtes!


Nail It For Your Wedding Day –You Deserve the Best Nail Service

Screen Shot 2012-08-10 at 9.25.58 PM

by Myrdith Leon-McCormack
After twenty-three years of serving as a manicurist in the fashion industry, I can comfortably give advice on the subject of nail care. Am I a doctor? Far from it. But I am an expert of technique, product knowledge and service. But let’s not forget about one thing: that in essence hollister co your manicure and pedicure is not about just polishing your nails, it is also an experience.

Am I the best in the field? Once again, hollister outlet absolutely not!  But I’m pretty close to perfection (if I do say myself). At least on the business aspect.

Now let’s get down to business.  Do you recall how young you were when you received your first manicure? Hmm… It was probably given to you by your mom or grandmother. And for today’s generation of parents, some dads are pretty cool about taking care of their little girls, and even the boys—they get manicures too. So don’t forget about themhere  men—there are some great male manicurists out there.  I can give you two in the high fashion industry: Terrance Terry and Tom Bachik. If you Google them you will be pleasantly surprised.

So that leads me to topic one—customer service. When you’re on the receiving end, only allow people that want to do their job touch you. It will reflect in the quality of service and the final outlook of your service.



Secondly, only the most sanitary environments are allowed, without exception. Do not settle for pre-used tools. The pumice stone that used to be yellow or pink or blue but is not covered in a lay or gray? No way! Get out of there! If they whip out that fat paintbrush, they dip in a yellow-like substance, and want to whack it across your nails to pass it off as cuticle oil, that is your cue to exit stage left. Do not take the time to pass “GO,” collect your $100 dollars, grab your bag and shoes and hop right out of that place with swiftness. Run like the wind and never look back. …I think you get it!

Now that we got those simple basic steps out of the way, let’s talk about the manicurist with the mask.
Ask yourself two things: If you smell the product before you reach the block, why are you going into this toxic hole? If your “professional” is wearing a mask why are you sitting there inhaling the waste?

Let’s Get Back to Natural

Nail polish in itself is not dangerous. But I have had many clients tell me they are allergic to nail polish.  What I found is that they are allergic to the Formaldehyde, Toluene  and DBP in the ingredients. The chemical most responsible for allergic reactions to nail enamel is tosylamide formaldehyde resin. It is sometimes also called toluenesulfonamide formaldehyde resin.
What are the solutions for this?

Today, you have many options. You can purchase water-based polishes by brands like Zoya, SpaRitual, Orly, and RGB to name a few. But understand there is a trade off for this product. So don’t complain so much if your polish chips early on.

That brings us to the next topic: chipped polish. Women go mad over chipped polish, in denial that it will happen to them. Wow. Why wouldn’t your polish chip?  It’s not a permanent tattoo. Even Henna stains fade away eventually, so why wouldn’t a layer of liquid fade or chip away? Be reasonable. Unless of course you’re Queen Elizabeth and walk around wearing gloves 24/7 or have servants at your disposal. Face the fact that if you move and live a normal life, a chip is eventually going to happen to you.

If you wash your hands, often and regularly, the paint will chip.

If you use oil, moisturizer, hairspray, and other related chemicals that weaken the fresh polish, the paint will chip.

If it is more then three or four days behind it, the paint will chip.

Plain and simple, things happen!



Brand It

Now a combination of all the above leads us to the final steps of landing a great manicure. A great polish brand goes pretty far. I have been in this business for 23 years and I am happy to say I have tried some of the best. And I’m still trying them, from luxury brands such as Dior, Chanel, Tom Ford, Givenchy and YSL, to salon brands such as OPI, SpaRitual, Orly and Essie.

But we can’t leave out the iconic figures such as Revlon, L’Oreal, Wet n Wild and Max Factor, brands that were my first when I started my kit as a manicurist all those years ago. Those were the days. You had to be good and you had to know your products. Because newer products kept popping up in the market as we learned and perfected our art.

So let me close this article down with one last piece of advice from a veteran of the nail business. Don’t forget to look at the licenses on the wall of each establishment. Know your nail artist is legitimate. Know you’re safe. Because once you know you’re in good hands, the rest is meant to be enjoyed.